Monday, March 14, 2011

Dances With Wolves... and some deep thoughts with Me(LOL, that title just makes me laugh)

This past Sunday night we had the distinct pleasure of sharing with our Fab 4 the old movie Dances With Wolves starring and directed by Kevin Costner.
There were quite a few scene's that were of course not appropriate for all of our children, and therefore skipped through, but as a whole I thought that the movie was a good one to share with our kids.

While watching it, one of the things that Mo mentioned to the kids that I found so interesting, was the fact that the women were the ones who in many, if not most tribes, built the Tee Pee. She also had complete control over what went on in her Tee Pee, what came in or out of her Tee Pee, and she could even kick the man out of her Tee Pee if he didn't "bring home the bacon" so to speak!
I found this so intriguing.

I think for one, because general carpentry is not something that I do in this house. Outside of putting in an occasional light bulb or putting batteries in my children's toys, I leave the fixing and or building of things to my hubby.
So the notion that the women not only built the Tee Pee, but put it up as well was a foreign concept to me.

I also think I found it interesting because today you often hear phrases like;
"The woman is the heart of the home" or
"If momma ain't happy ain't nobody happy!"
So in a way I suppose you could say this is a cross cultural theme and an aged-old truth.

Either way, it made me then think about my home.
What have I allowed to go on in my home?
What have I promoted to be a good or bad thing in my home?
Who have I allowed to influence my home?

And also do I really need all this stuff ?
That question leads me to my other thought about Tee Pee Life.
Those families were on the move quite a bit.
The women I am sure were very careful about what kind of things they let become permanent fixtures in their homes because having the life of a nomad does not work well, with having the life of a pack rat!
They "traveled light" I am sure.

Finally, it made me remember one of the choices that my book club picked last year that I never got to thank them for choosing;
Daughters Of A Copper Woman

And then I read this, just this morning;

"Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands." Proverbs 14:1


I want to be a woman that carefully builds my house.
And if I do tear it down may it only be for the purpose of moving with my family on to the next great adventure!


Shontell said...

I feel MANY lessons come from movies. For instance, I JUST kicked my husband out for not bringing home bacon in at least two weeks. On another note, I REGULARLY tell my children that "IF THAT woman on Dances With Wolves can squat in a field and have a baby and GET RIGHT BACK up on her horse and ride off, you can do your chores. Now git!"

noel said...

Oh Shontelly I love you! You make me smile really big!

Jen's World said...

Happy wife. Happy life. :)

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