Monday, June 21, 2010

Turning the Corner

It was the first day of summer today.
It didn't feel like the first day of summer.

I worked from 8-5p today and sat there thinking of all the fun things I could be doing with my family and friends.

I am thankful for my job.
I am taking deep, deep breaths regarding this said job.

It was hard to go to work this morning.
It is hard to be a grown-up sometimes.

I am ready for a new tattoo and I am pretty sure that it will have something to do with this past year, a symbol of HOPE.

I am singing, "Oh Mr Sun, SUN PLEASE SHINE DOWN ON ME" an awful lot these days.
I am also singing, a quiet song in my soul that helps me feel better.

It isn't always easy moving 700+ miles away, especially on days like Father's Day.
It is still beautiful, green, and where I want to be though.

I really miss my niece.
I like watching Reno 911, it reminds me of why I moved.

It is funny how I say, "That is NOT okay" so much when I am teaching that only 2 months later my new students are now saying this phrase. Makes me smile.
It is strange how the text, Ephesians 4, keeps popping up and reminding me of so many things I need to remember.

I am amazed at how Coconut Creme Pie can transport one to the heavenly realms. Thank you Gramma Shelle.
I am thankful for words.

It is the first day of summer for me in a new state, with a new job, and a new season of life has once again turned the corner.

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noel said...

still doesn't feel the same.

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