Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Blog because I Can

-I don't have much to write about, but still I want to write something because I CAN ! It feels so good to be done with school for now. The weight has lifted at least for now and it feels amazing. Also the class I have been dreading, procrastinating to even take, and ulcered my way through I actually got a "B" in. A  "B" people!! 
Math is a dream stealer for me. IT has robbed me beyond measure. Kept me from accomplishing much more in life than I care to mention. It will not win though!! I am bigger than Math.

-Kids are awesome. I love them more than words can express. It is the end of an era that I will no longer have children under 5 in this house and I have to say I have been having some strange newborn cravings. Crazy, I know but still they are there. It is a good thing I have some friends who are having newborns that I will soon get to snuggle.

-My husband has a funny alter ego called Meisha. He's from Russia. His accent can pull me out of just about anything and that is just one more thing that I love about this man named Moses.

-My dogs although crazy and neurotic are the cutest dogs ever! What they bring to me that I will never know but I do love them.

-People are funny, I being one of them. For the rest of my life I will forever be in awe of humanity. People are strong beyond measure. People are good and dynamic and so very interesting. If I didn't love children as much I would head down the road of studying and helping grown-up people. Children become grown- up people so that is where I will remain.

-Now, I have no more random thoughts except this, I did not want to title this blog random thoughts one more time.

I love you all and good night!


digapigmy said...

i blog because i can sometimes too. it keeps it intersting.

moses is weird.

scoey-d said...

I love to play act with Meisha, trading accents & talking about MUH-thur RUSH-ah...

laura said...

I, just now, blogged because I can too... Its been too long, school is over, no more excuses. Yay for finishing math!! and with a B, awesome!

Plucky said...

I'm glad school's out too so you people will get back to what's really important . . . Keeping me entertained with your blogs . . .

noel said...

diga- it feels good doesn't it and for sure keeps life interesting.
lou- glad i am not the only one who gets to enjoy this wonderful character in life.
laura-thanks, i will have to go check yours out
tim- no kidding, sheesh thanks for not giving up on us while we were getting educated. it should only make for better blogs in the future.

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