Saturday, March 08, 2008

1 week

In one week I will be traveling to Europe to see my sister Jenny and some friends in Germany. I am so very excited but could really use some prayers support to get everything in order here on the homefront taken care of before I head out. This week my kiddos are out of school on spring break and so I am really looking forward to having the time with them before I go. That part I couldn't have planned better if I tried. BUT, with them being home it will be hard to get the things done that I need to , phone calls, grocery shopping, lot's o laundry (so the big guy doesn't have to worry bout stinky underwear) etc. so that being said I am wondering how it's all going to work. I know it will, I just don't want to procrastinate and cause more chaos for myself than what is necessary. Also, if everyone could pray that while I am gone Moses would be given Superman strength to do both our jobs. "What a man , what a man, what a MIGHTY GOOD man" (just singing) and also for safe travel for me and my traveling companion Andre. We will be all over the map over there and I really don't want to get lost where I don't know the language.
I am pretty sure that I won't have time to blog but if I do I will leave some updates.


shontell said...

Well, I know one way to help you free up time. sigh. I totally forgot The Man works on Thursday. I understand if you just take someone else. In fact, if you want to take Stephanie, I will babysit. I am beyond bummed out, but I am far too poor to pay a sitter. I will have to hook up with you after Europe. It will give us LOTS of time for you to tell me everything about your trip anyway. For now, I am snuggled in bed with freshly painted fingers and toes. yay!

noel said...

Bummer friend. We will for sure reschedule for a later date then.

Jen in Budapest said...

can't WAIT to see you!!! Venice, here we come :D

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