Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Year at New School

Today I had to register my kids at a different elementary school than the one that they have been attending for the past few years since we have lived here. When we moved here 2 and half years ago we didn't know anything about the many elementary schools in our neighborhood but we did know some friends and so we took our kids where we knew they would have guaranteed friends. This year there was a re-zoning that brought in so many new kids to this school that they could longer grant variances to any children but they were hoping that our family could stay so we waited until all the new registrations came through,kinda like waiting for stand-by on a plane ride. Today we got the news that they couldn't keep all our kids and with the Scofield's it's an all or nothing deal!! So we headed over to the new school. This is where the story begins because much to my surprise everyone there was wonderful and even the building itself was better than I thought it would be. When we first moved here we had heard some negative things about the school, the principal and that many of their good teachers were leaving. Come to find out none of these things were true. So the moral of the story , Don't believe everything that you hear!!


c&g said...

"Don't believe everything you hear!!"

I've been told for the 8-1/2 years we've lived in our town that it has the best school district in the area. That's one reason we bought a house here a couple years before we even had children. Kindergarten is set to start next Tuesday for my oldest. His school is in a brand-new building. He has the brand-new K teacher. (Which I was hoping for.) However, some issues coming up are causing me to rethink it being the "best school district." So, (big breath) w/all that said, I'm learning not to believe everything I hear. Tonight we meet his teacher. We'll just have to wait and see how the year turns out. :) And remember that no matter what school our kids are in, that we will make it work out. :)

I'm glad your new school is turning out to be better than what you had heard. :) God bless you and your kids this school year!

shontell said...

And I thought all public school were full of rotten, uneducated, violent children. AHAHAHAAA JUST JOKING you know I never thought that. Isabelle is in the middle of day four of public (sort of) school and learning more than ever. She LOVES it, and is beyond perky in the morning. I let her have a bit of coffee this morning because we had some "woman" chatting. I told her when women talk, they drink coffee or tea. Hopefully whe wasn't high as a kite at school. lol

noel said...

c&g- thanks for the blessings and right back at you as well with your kiddos and school year. i feel as though the begining of school years are always filled with such excitement but nerves as well. this just added a bit more to the nerves part but God is so good and faithful and full of love for these kids even more love than I could imagine having for them. in that i have peace.
shontell- i am glad to hear that miss isabelle is enjoying herself, and was there any doubt that she would?

c&g said...

an update - school is turning out to be all right. there are a lot of kinks being ironed out, but my son has a great teacher. :) thanks for the encouragement.

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