Friday, April 27, 2007

Season change, People change(come on sing along)

Today while driving back from dropping my girls off at school I was just completely in awe of how faithfully around this time of year the green begins to appear. The leaves on the trees start bursting forth like a brand new thing is beginning. The sprinklers that were out on the lawns and the people chatting with their neighbors made me truly grateful once again for the seasons. It is amazing how this season, Spring, brings about a sense of new life. People begin to clean house like they haven't cleaned in many months and you see next to the garbage cans the things that they no longer want or need. Yard sale signs begin to appear because of this.Everything begins to take on a shine. Where life was dull and drab from the winter it begins to look bright and happy again. I am so glad that despite my temperament, that in many ways likes things to stay the same, God continues to make the seasons change. He is beyond good to faithfully make the seasons change and today on this beautiful Friday morning I am just completely aware of why I love Him so much.


JayBird said...

I'm with you on this. I really enjoy the smell of honeysuckle.

shontell said...

OOH YES!! That is exactly what is happening around here. AND the very thing that made us rethink our pending move. We have opted to stay put for a bit. Mike said he feels God has something better for us in the future and we get to use my Wheel money for getting our house in a more livable stage. Paint, a big shed for the back yard, downsizing, you name it...we are doing it.

noel said...

jay-honeysuckle is the best. we have a whole fence full in our backyard(if i didn't kill it last year)
shontelly- well all i can say is that you got some really nice wheels. that has absolutely nothing to do with your comment but i am so stinking happy for you about that , can't seem to get over it.

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