Thursday, February 02, 2006

Love Divine

Love's Divine
Then the rain storm came over me
and I felt my spirit break.
I had lost all of my belief you see
and realized my mistake.
But time threw a prayer to me
and all around me became still.

I need Love, Love's Divine
Please forgive me now I sse that I've been blind.
Give me Love, Love is what I need
to help me know my name.

Through the rain storm came sanctuary
and I felt my spirit fly
I had found all my reality
I realized what it takes.

Don't bend
Don't break
Show me how to live and promise me you won't forsake
Cause Love can help me know my name.

Well, I tried to say there's nothing wrong
But inside I felt me lying all along
But the message here was plain to see

From the artist Seal

So listening to this song from Seal I realized that it is a song I could sing to Jesus. I really love to change my favorite secular songs to be able to sing them to Jesus. He is my Love Divine. He helps me know who I really am(know my name) , He shows me how to live and He HAS promised me that He won't forsake.
1 John 4:16-19
If you want to listen it is the song on my myspace account


Jeni said...

Hey, when are you going to write your sonnet? :)

TPluckyT said...

Considering the recent blogs and comments around myspace, and you invite us to visit your site and listen to a song . . . I like that about you Noel.

Sue loves to sing secular music to Jesus, by the way. Too cool.

noel said...

jent-i have written some in the past, but umm...they have definetly taken a back seat for awhile.
tpluck-hee, hee, hee!! not intentional , honest!!

JayBird said...

i've done this w/helmet & tool.

is seal one of your faves?

noel said...

yes, it reminds me of my honeymoon cause we listened to him while driving up and down the coast of california.

JayBird said...

that's cool. i always wondered what happened to his face. was it bad acne, battery-acid accident, or ?

noel said...

ummm... i heard that it was tribal markings but don't know if that is at all legit!!

TPluckyT said...

You know I heard several years ago that Seal tells a different story every time he's asked. Supposedly to keep the media outta his bidness. I think the "official" story is that he had lupus as a child and the blisters ruptured leaving those scars.

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