Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Intro to my Love/ Hate button and A NEW LINK UP

Hey There Blog Happy People do you feel like sewing on another button to your blog?

Well I would like to introduce you to my second blog button link up called the LOVE/HATE button.

It's basically a link up to what you might have a love/hate relationship with.

I have for several years now done posts about some love/hates in this life, like for instance;

I LOVE my dogs.

I HATE all the fur they shed.

I LOVE my blog.

I HATE making buttons for my blog.

I LOVE eating cupcakes.

I HATE cleaning up the cupcake tins. I really do.


1. It doesn't have to be a whole blog about LOVE/HATES it could be either, neither, tomato, tomoto,potato, pototo, or... just link up... have fun and get to know your fellow bloggers LOVE/HATES.

2. There are no rules to this link up, cause those are meant to be broken. But if you are so inclined to follow me because of this link up, would you please let me know so that I can follow back.

3. If you want to grab the LOVE/HATE button so others know what you are doing grab the code and paste it whereva! I'm not gonna check. Don't have time for that.

4. Have fun, get to know people that's what a link up is for :)


N. Rose said...


No(dot dot)el said...

Yay My 2 cups of AWESOME!!

Naptime Review said...

Thanks for the link up!

I love my husband but hate that he plays golf on Saturdays. Oh this is fun ;)

Julie @ Naptime Review

Mary said...

It's settled, I'm addicted to Link-Ups. Wrote this post on Monday but it totally counts! Have a Happy Day!

Mothering with Creativity said...

Ok, friend. I've never done a link up before. If weird things post in weird places, I apologize in advance. But I'm giving it a shot!

amoryg said...

I hate cleaning cupcake tins too. :)

I will link up!!! :)

No(dot dot)el said...

Yay! Thanks everyone. I'm so happy you all joined in on the fun. I can't wait to go read what you wrote :)

No(dot dot)el said...

Ok Mrs. Jess this is awesome! I love it! I hope you make some great new bloggy friends from this. And thank you so much for hopping on and linking up the whole sha-bang!

TicoTina said...

I would LOVE to enter, but my week is jam packed with craziness. I did tweet it out, though =) why don't you have twitter, lady? or am I just missing it on your site? in any case, I hope I can join in on the next one!

No(dot dot)el said...

@TicoandTina- thanks for the shout out, and yes I think they will be weekly on Wednesdays.

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