Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Table Topics

A few weeks back my friend Andre came up for a visit and one day while she was here I whisked her away for a little one on one time. We had a fun date by the beach, in and out of novelty shops, getting coffee, and eating sushi together. We've never eaten sushi together before because I never used to eat sushi. I do now. I like it. It's really great. I now know what the buzz was all about. It's only taken me a few 20 years to catch on. I'm a slow learner.

Anyways, one of the shops we went into was in Kirkland. It was this great little shop that had everything from fancy quotes around every corner(i love the new trend of words everywhere btw), furniture, something called a gurgle pot(i want one just can't decide on what color),amazing smells, lotions, candles, fabrics to die for, and fun cutesie kid stuff.

I restrained from buying up the whole entire store. It was hard, but you would have been proud. I showed great self control in this here lil place, so cute.
I did however buckle when I saw a cute little box labeled Table Topics.

This was listed as one of Oprah favorite things and I am sure that is why it is now a famous item because anyone of us could have come up with this idea. In fact I think I kinda did. We used to have a tradition called "Highlights" where we would tell our highlights from the day and then if there was any low lights those were added as well. I should get a patent on this now, so that Oprah can't take the credit for my great idea. Anyways, it was just our families way of getting conversations started. But now we have Table Topics. It is a box full of questions that get conversations around the dinner table started. Whoever sits down first gets to read the first question and this gets the ball rolling.

One of the questions that was asked last night was;

"If you weren't afraid of what would happen what would you do?"

I realized once again how much my life has been driven by fear.
I wish so much that I was not given over to the fearful nature that is within me, but it's been a work in progress.

I am afraid to swim, sky dive, ski, and many other athletic related actions. That was my answer last night. I said I would learn to swim, sky dive, and ski if I wasn't afraid of certain death that would come knocking at my door if I tried to do any of those things.

What about you?

What would you try if you weren't afraid?

I used to be afraid to try sushi because of the allergic reaction that might take place all over someone else's plate. Eww... gross sorry ;(

I am no longer afraid of sushi.
In fact, I now really, really, enjoy sushi.

Kinda makes me think what else I might be missing out on.

Monday, February 27, 2012

My, "I didn't get to watch the Oscars"... Review :)

Those of you who know me and My Giant know this; HE HATES, no LOATHES, award shows of any kind.

SO last night while you all were watching the most televised award show known to man, I was watching... The Colony. It's our new favorite end of the world kind of show. LOL. That is my life.
NO award shows unless the Giant is not at home.

It's ok, I have come to terms with this it's just that, I really love award shows.

There have a been a few documented times when I have watched an award show LIVE, because My Giant wasn't home, but those occurrences are as rare as a lunar eclipse. It happens, just not very often.

I am left to get the highlights the morning after, and I am sure if I scowered the internet I could find some re-run show, but it's just not the same as a Live show. Alas, I am forced to watch morning television shows to get my information, and of course the handy dandy WWW.

And although I didn't watch I have a few comments:

First- Of the 9 movies that were nominated I have only seen 2, The Help and MoneyBall.
I know, I don't get out much:) Both of those, I felt deserved their spots on the list, but I'm really not sure why The Artist got best picture? Could someone please explain?

Second- I am so super happy that our girl from The Help, Octavia Spencer won.
That was a hard choice for me because one of my other favorite nominations was Melissa McCarthy, from Bridesmaids. But, in the end don't ya think the Academy got it right?

And Finally- Who do you think was the best dressed? The morning news is saying J Lo, but well... I mean I didn't really get to see them all myself... but I would have said Emma Stone. A red head, in a red dress... simply stunning!

Can you tell I've been watching morning television?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adventures with Allie #1

I thought I would start off this first "Adventures with Allie" by saying, that when we were teenagers there was never a dull moment. Hence the word, Adventure. Life is always an adventure with Allie. For real, no joke, just ask her mom.

***And second a disclaimer, if my children or her children are reading this, or YOU if YOU are a child/teen, I do not recommend you try these pranks at home. Or Outside your home. Or anywhere, ever, never!!

I mean it!

I am raising my eyebrow, that's how you know I mean it!

Do not do this at home.

That being said, BOY HOWDY, did we ever have so much fun, and if you do decide to do this don't skimp on the Toilet Paper, you'll only be sorry that you did!!

This would be the first of many pranks that I remember with my Allie Dawl.

Let me set the stage for you.

It was youth group night at Jamie and Judy's. They lived in Carson City in a great big house on Arrowhead Way. We gathered there once a week for a bible study, and well, we would try to sing, but Doc the Westons Cocker Spaniel would chime in and then it was all over. We would then just turn into a bunch of giggly teens, and it would be past the point of no return.

"We" (at first) consisted of Jamie, Judy, Carl, Allie, Noel, Jentry, Chad, Matt, and sometimes if we were so lucky The Vendelin boys.
So this particular night "we" consisted of the above listed, minus the V-boys. It was one of our first gatherings. I was still getting to know this group, and so I was happy that Allie was so friendly. Little did I know just how friendly or how brazen she could be.

I'm not exactly sure how long Allie had planned to TP Carls truck that night, but what I do know is that I got dragged into the fun. It is at this point that I would like to point out that Carl was not a teen. Oh no. He was a HUGE, GIANT, BIG, VERY TALL youth group leader. I feel you need to know this information for future reference.

You also need to know that I was not the type of girl that TP'd anything,(that was sister Jen's gig) let alone a GIANT Leaders, truck. But Allie, well she has a gift. She actually has several gifts, but the one that I am talking about here is her persuasion gift. She is a good convincer that Allie dawl. Let me tell ya, she has skills in the convincing department. There used to be a time she could convince me to do anything. And I do mean anything. Really, her convincing me to do things I'm not so sure I want to do, is a big part of our friendship. It's been kind of an ongoing challenge I think on her end, and frankly she wins most of the time. She never lost the challenge back then. And up Until right about now... she started talking about marathons, and running. She lost me at running! hee hee hee. If you see us with numbers on our backs running the beaches of sunny California... well then you know she struck again.

Anyway, Allie took me aside and told me what she was up to and I half not knowing what was happening, and half giddy on adreniliene, blindly took the roll of TP. And then before I knew it there I was outside wrapping Carls truck up in the fluffy white stuff. We were working fast so as not to get caught, but apparently not fast enough because at some point they noticed that 2 of the 3 girls that were there that night were missing. It never occurred to us, that with such a small group the lack of our presence would be noticed so quickly. We never really were good with math equations. Well, and then it happened. We were caught, red handed, and here came Big Ol Carl bolting out J&J's front door.

I almost crapped my pants.
You have to remember, This was back before the days of me being used to Giant people.
I was scared.
I was nervous.
I thought, oh man... who ? what? where? how?
And then I realized I could climb inside Carl's truck and lock the doors and just wait while Allie took the beating.

I know.
I'm a giver.
I will always have your back in a TP-ing situation.

Psh... I jumped inside the bed of that truck so fast, and I was safe. Phew.

But wait, OH NOOOOOOO!!!
Allie was stuck and outside and "SHE WAS A RUNNING" said like Forest Gump :)

I bet you can imagine the end of this.
He was a Giant with long legs.
She was a little itty bitty with little legs.
Yep, 2 Giant steps and he caught up with her.
And then, well, then his Giant heart kicked in and he gave her countless noogie's or something of that sort and all was well again.

I didn't come out of the truck for a very long time :)
AND Carl still scares me. Giggle, no not really. Ok maybe a little.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am preparing for Lent to start tomorrow.
I have celebrated the season of Lent actively as an adult for the past 3 years now.
But, when I was younger my family as Catholics would observe lent.
It didn't really make sense to me in my younger years as a Catholic, so I abandoned the practice all together when I became an Evangelical Christian.
Now,today as a grown woman, not affiliated with any religion I think I get it.

And so I ask myself this,What does giving up something do for my walk with God?
I realize now it's not about getting some kind of spiritual eternal brownie points.
And that it doesn't make me a better follower of Christ to participate.
I know that if I don't participate(as I didn't for many years) I'm not going to hell.

What I think it's about now is remembering a sacrifice so profound, it deserves our time and attention.
Remembering what was done so long ago, that it resonates still 2000 years later.
We have 6 weeks before Easter Sunday. 40 days where we can remember the greatest sacrifice, by the sacrifice we make.
Whatever is given up is gained a thousand times over in ways that can't be measured.
It's and act of worship.

And today I read this in My Utmost for His Highest;
"There are times when it seems as if God watches to see if we will give Him even small gifts of surrender, just to show how genuine our love is for Him. To be surrendered to God is of more value than our personal holiness. Concern over our personal holiness causes us to focus our eyes on ourselves, and we become overly concerned about the way we walk and talk and look, out of fear of offending God. “. . . but perfect love casts out fear . . .” once we are surrendered to God (1 John 4:18). We should quit asking ourselves, “Am I of any use?” and accept the truth that we really are not of much use to Him. The issue is never of being of use, but of being of value to God Himself. Once we are totally surrendered to God, He will work through us all the time."

I realized along time ago that my stinky flesh is of no true use to God.
He could use anything or anyone to accomplish his plans and purposes.
No, I know that mine is not your model life for Christianity.
I'm not your perfect, cookie-cutter Christ follower.
I am however, so in love with Jesus.
I am still after all these years longing to know more about this God-man.
His life, death, and resurrection is still what gets me up in the morning.

And so I celebrate Lent to take time out of my routine life.
To remember why I am here.
Pondering on what He did for me, FOR ME.
Thinking back upon the greatest love of all time does my heart good.

The Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love

Do you need to laugh?
Do you want to read about Love, but not in a mushy gushy Valentinezee way?
Well, then do yourselves a favor, right now go out and buy this book.

Or IF you really want this book stay right where you are. Don't go anywhere.
Plant yourself down for some blog reading, and play a little game with me.

It's a new month, and time for a new game with prizes.

So here is a new game for you who DON'T have to be on FB to win.

In fact if you are faithful reader you might not even need to use the Label cataloging system to your right. You might have the answer in your very own noggin, because you have read it here before. Or you might know the answer(Sister Jen) because you were there when I bought the book.
Or you might know the answer (Shontell) because you were referenced in the blog that has the answer.

Here's what you need to do to play this game:

First- use the Label section on my blog to your right, or at the bottom of this post.

Second- find a way to decode what other BOOK or BOOKS or BOOK REVIEW I have done on another Jill Conner Browne BOOK.

Finally- leave your answer in the comment section below.

First one to get it right will not only win my own personal copy of Book of Love but another few sur- prizes as well.

Good luck!

Have fun!

And may the best Sweet Potato Queen Wanna Be win :)

Oh, and one more thing; Who or What is your go to book, movie, comedian when you want to laugh??

I want to know.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Gore Girls

Life is about making memories. Every day, every hour, every moment memories are being made. I read once that unless a memory is written down, it can quickly be forgotten. There are people who go about writing down everything they do to record the memories, and although I know that the memories that were made this weekend won't soon be forgotten, I thought I would share them all with you anyway.

Some of my favorite people on planet earth came up to visit me this weekend. Well, really they came for a tour of Seattle Pacific University, for a certain Senior who will be attending there this fall.
Isn't she just Cutest Senior you have ever seen in YOUR LIFE? I love her.

But, They also came on what they deemed "The LOVE trip". It was a very LOVE filled weekend.

There were so many emotions this weekend coming from all different directions. We had news coming in from every corner of our worlds that were together. We had Old News, Sad News, Happy News, New Plans for the Future News, Lost Dog News, Scary news, Life Threatening News, and even News of a Death. It was a an emotional roller coaster ride of a weekend.

With all that News it's hard to keep your head on straight, but we did and we managed to rise above that other News, to where our hearts should always dwell... with THE GOOD NEWS. Do know what it's like my friend to hear GOOD NEWS, when you have heard nothing but bad,sad,scary, or depressing news?

Well I do. This weekend it was good to be with my sister/friend Andre and her beautiful girls because we could in the midst of all that crazy news, remember the GOOD NEWS that dwells within our hearts. The saying really is true, "You can face an ocean, with the hand of a sister"

And boy did we face an Ocean together this weekend. Hand and Hand as sisters we came, we saw, we conquered. And by the Master Creators hand and the Grace He has given us we will continue to "ROCK ON" I mean, walk on. Thank you Jesus.

Did I mention to you that these girls are some of my favorites?

WELL.... The Gore Girls are some of my all time favorites. Do you all have favorites? Don't lie. You know you do. Well I do. And these girls are some of them.

They are some of my chosen family. Do you have chosen family?
Some family you are given.
Some family you choose.
My God given family I would choose so...

there are not many people I would call my "chosen family".

But These girls are girls you want to be family.

You are thankful they are in your family.

And you treasure as your family.

I love spending time with them.

I love hearing about what they love.

I love them.

And I am looking forward to many more memories with these Favorites :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Faith, Hope, And LOVE

I'm really proud of myself, do you want to know why?
(Pat on Back ensued)

Because, this past Valentine's Day I was told by My Giant that he wouldn't be home on that particular day. Ya know that particular day that you really want your sweetie to be home, so you can tell them how much you love them. Well, he told me well in advance that He had a job that was out of town, and would be several hours up north. Now normally, this is the kind of thing that would have really upset me because I love Valentine's Day.

Any girl who says that she doesn't love Valentine's day is either, bitter, lying, jealous, or all of the above.
I understand why some would not really appreciate a day that celebrates love.
Those are the people who haven't maybe really known true LOVE in their lives, and so they are forever the cynic on Valentines day.

But cynic I am not!
Nor am I one who gets into the commercialism of every holiday.

Because like all holidays, Valentines' day has become it's own beast.
But I have always felt, holiday's are what you make 'em.

In this house;
Easter is not about a bunny.
Christmas is not about the Fat man in the Red suit.
Halloween is not about Satanic, Witchy business.
And Valentines day is not about chocolate, roses, and sex to me.
(Although, My Giant if you are reading this I don't mind getting any of those)

To me it's a day that celebrates the greatest of these;




LOVE crosses over cultures.
LOVE conquers all cynics.
LOVE is unconditional.
LOVE is beautiful.
LOVE crosses borders.
LOVE never fails.

And it should be celebrated with whoever, whenever, however.

Stepping off the soap box now....

Back to my Valentines day without My Giant.
SO yeah, this year marks the first Valentines day that MoNoSco has been apart on V-day.
I didn't mope though.
I didn't complain.
I helped in my kids classes all day.
How can you be sad or mopey when with lil kids?
And then, I took my Fab 4 out for Sushi.

Have I told you lately how much I love those 4 gems God has given me?
Well, I do LOVE them so very, very much. I have awesome... really awesome kids.
I have been told, and I quote; "They are the kind of kids that make me want to have kids"
And they really are. Ok enough blaggin about My Fab 4.

Well, then after they were in bed, and it was time to snuggle, and My Giant wasn't here

** I may or may not have finished half a box of chocolates, half a bottle of red wine, and ordered 3 new books on Amazon.

BUT, I didn't pout!
Cause I know I am loved everyday.
I know My Giant is coming home and we will celebrate the rest of our lives, the gift of LOVE that God has given us.

And well.... It was a Happy Valentine's day even without him.

** I am not admitting to anything. I said, "may have".

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More From Tasha's Fashion Challenge

Do you all remember my 31 days of hats?

Well here are some of my competitors including the creator of the challenge herself, Tasha.
Those of you who are finding yourselves in need of some fashion inspiration in these cold winter days of February, sit yourselves down and enjoy the show.

Oh and don't forget to vote in the end.

After watching Tasha's 31 days of sweaters can you all see why I would want to follow in her fashion footsteps?
Is she not the cutest girl you have ever seen in a sweater?
She should win a prize too :) don't cha think? (Shh... don't worry I have it covered)

And here is Reesha's "Days of Bling" show. I loved the scenic bling photos in between.
Whoever Reesha's friend Maria is, well she should get an award too.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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And then of course there was my 31 days of hats.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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An Honorary mention should go out to Miss Maria who competed with 31 days of sweaters. Her pictures got eaten off her I phone. Damn Technology! It's either our best friend or our worst enemy.

So my faithful readers who do you think should win Tasha's Fashion Challenge 2012?

My vote unlike a politician would go to Tasha :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

To My Giant... Happy Valentine's Day

This Stud Muffin pictured above

He still;

Rings my bell.

Has My Number.

Get's Me Going.

He is;

A Major Babe Alert.

My Daddy Mack.

A Looker.

Is it getting Hot in here?

And Here's what I would like to say To My Giant when I see this picture;

Do your legs hurt from running through my dreams all night?

Oops, I lost my phone number. Could I have yours?

If Santa comes down your chimney and trys to stuff you in his sack, don't worry cause I wanted you for Christmas!

Just having a little fun keeping LOVE alive!

Hope it inspires you to do the same <3 <3 <3

Happy Valentine's Day

A Tribute To Whitney

It took me some time to think about what I wanted to say about this beautiful Icon, Whitney Houston. She will forever be a legend in my mind. My heart is so sad for her family this morning.

There were countless after school memories of singing to her music in front of the mirror with a curling iron for a microphone.
I'll never forget going to see the Bodyguard and being so enamored with the lifestyle of a pop singer.

My all time favorite work of hers though, would have to be the Preachers wife.
That time in her life, that role that she played opposite Denzel Washington, where she sang of what was really in her heart, is what I will choose to remember her by.
The music from that movie is some of my favorite songs that she sang, because you could tell she sang with passion to her creator.

The scene when she saying goodnight to her boy and she sings these words;

"Who made the mountains
Who made the trees
Who made the rivers that flow out to the seas
And who hung the moon in the starry, starry, starry sky"

That's the moment that will comfort me as I think of her daughter mourning.
I pray she remembers the truths that Whitney taught her about her creator.
Despite what her life ended like, I pray her daughter remembers where it began.
I pray peace and comfort for her this morning.

I remember that My mom used to love Dionne Warwicks music, and would remind me that it was in Whitney's family to sing, like it was in my own.
There will never be another voice like hers.
I will forever be a fan.
My hope and prayer for her family this morning is that as the details of her death are revealed that they can forgive her. More than that, I pray they can forgive themselves.

Hers was a troubled soul.
Her song, Where do broken hearts go, asks the question, Where do broken hearts go?

I know in my heart, that her broken heart is with her creator and she will get the chance now to sing for all eternity the truest song of her heart.

Jesus does, and will continue to have mercy in this, a lost life.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Secret to Happiness

There is a picture that hangs in my kitchen.
It was a card that someone gave me at some point, and I loved it so much I framed it.
Now there is an idea for pinterest... framing cards... but I digress.

Anyway it is a picture of a woman that Mary Englebreit drew, and she is vacuming, dusting, and cleaning her house.
She has a flower in her mouth and a big smile on her face.

I love all things Mary Englebreit btw, in case you were wondering.
Her work reminds me of some very lovely ladies in my life who love her works even more than I do, and I think that is why I love her stuff so much.
But my love for all things M.E. is not the reason I framed this card.

I framed it for what it says.

Yes, you know, and I know I am a words person.

Chances are if there is an art piece that is on it's very own merit amazing,
I won't like it as much until I know what it's title or given name is.

It's like this;

I just think words bring everything together, like the thread you need to sow.
You need the fabric for the very essence of what you are making.
You need the scissors and needle, or the tool to make it.
But would it come together as well without the thread?
Would it stay together without the thread?
Sure you could use fabric glue, but it's just not the same as seeing a stitch.
The same is true with words.
If you forget to include words with your action, it could be taken the wrong way or your point might be lost all together.
Words are the threads in life to me.
They bring everything together for me.

Flowers need a note.
Art needs a title.
Jewelry needs inscription.

Are you tracking what I am laying down?

Well, back to my picture.
I love the card for the words that are on it.
Here is the quote that has made me smile for countless years, of cleaning house.

"To Be Happy,

Don't do whatever you Like.

Like whatever you Do."

There are no better choice of words to describe perspective.

Perspective- the state of one's ideas, the facts known to one, etc., in having a meaningful interrelationship.

It's all about your perspective.

And as I gear up for cleaning a very messy house tomorrow, I will be thinking of this quote.
I will also be thinking how grateful I am that I have a mess to clean because it means there are people in my life tracking in messes. Lots and Lots of messes.

That's the perspective that I am going to shoot for on my Monday morning, and
I hope this will help make yours a little better too.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Valentine Cupid Elf Gone Awry

Today I set out to be the best Valentine Cupid Elf known to the face of the earth.
I am fighting some kind of bleh funky funk, so I haven't felt so great.
Plus it was raining. (Big Surprise I know)
Normally I don't mind the rain but we recently had several days of sun, and
I was kinda getting used to that idea.

When I got to the post office with my packages all tied up in string
(not really but couldn't resist the Sound of Music quote)
I realized I forgot my address book at home.

Can you say DAM MIT!
Well, I did!

But there I was with my handy dandy new upgraded I Phone... (thank you Baby Jesus and hard working Giant), and so I started texting away for addresses.

All wasn't lost.
I was able to mail off some Valentines Day goodies.
And then I came home and read this.

“There were people who went to sleep last night,
poor and rich and white and black,
but they will never wake again.

And those dead folks would give anything at all
for just five minutes of this weather
or ten minutes of plowing.

So you watch yourself about complaining.

What you're supposed to do
when you don't like a thing is change it.
If you can't change it,
change the way you think about it.”
― Maya Angelou

And I thought, well thank you Maya


This morning the song Hotel California came on while dropping my kids off at the bus stop. They all know the song from Guitar Hero, but it got me thinking how I really love this song, and at the same time it kinda creeps me out.

Then it got me thinking, I wonder if anyone else feels this way?

Do you like the song Hotel California or not?

Sometimes it makes me want to put a flower in my mouth, and slide across the kitchen floor.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

U2 song- Whoa The Sweetest Things

It's not our anniversary, but it is the month of LOVE.
And so I feel compelled to tell you this LOVE story.
It's the story of when a blue eyed boy met a brown eyed girl.
Or the story of how a brown eyed girl stalked a blue eyed boy.
Either way, it's my LOVE story.
I wish that each and everyone of you had a blog where I could read your LOVE stories, because to me LOVE stories truly are "The Sweetest Things"
This Love story well it happened kinda something like this.

Well, about over 20 years ago.

I don't regret going to my friend Jen's youth group that night because not only was it a night that I would meet some treasured people that would forever be in my life, but it was the first time I laid eyes on him. (Enter the "At Last My LOVE has come along" song here)

Jen's Youth pastors at the time were a couple named Louie and Joni Locke.They were newlyweds. They were nice, but they were quickly forgotten once Moses walked through the front door.

(Can't believe I am actually going to use this reference, and I am sure my teenage daughter will never forgive me for ruining her favorite love story, but here goes nothing)

Enter Twilight scene where Bella first lays eyes on Edward as he walks through the door to the cafeteria at school. To those of you who haven't watched Twilight, I'm sorry. To those of you who have it really was pretty much something like that, only Moses wasn't a vampire and I am not named Bella. I quickly asked my friend Jen who that tall guy with Heather G was? She filled me in as best she could and then the stalking began.

I was 15 years old. He was 17. I was going to into the 10th grade he would be a Senior. CRAP I AM OLD!!

I thought he was already in college because he looked so much older, imagine my surprise when I found out I would be going to school with him the next year.
A few more details you should know about this story is that although he wasn't a murderous vampire, he wasn't a Christ follower at the time. I was trying to follow Christ's teaching a little closer than I had in my non-following Christ years, and so this posed a problem. Our lives were on different roads. He was listening to Nine Inch Nails, I was listening to Amy Grant. LOL. That is just a pretty damn funny sentence right there. And also a pretty good way of putting our past into a nut shell(Help, I'm in a nut shell!)

This is where my prophetic youth pastor enters the story. I had told no one, and I do mean no one about this high school girl crush. Although, those that were close to me I am sure had an idea or two. But, I certainly didn't tell anyone near or remotely close to my youth pastor. So there is no way he could have known what he knew. And basically, without leaving all you non-church goers in the dust here he did what the world would call a psychic reading on my ass, and it scared the crap out of me!!

So, due to my recent "Fear of THE LORD" I let all those high school girly crush dreams go and I forgot about the man-child! I did really forget about him until my Senior year in high school. Long after he had moved out of Carson City. Long after I had that amazing first impression of him. I forgot him. But then one day, there he was almost a year and half later.

This time it was no longer a crush, it was a reality. And by reality I mean he actually talked to me this time.
He came up asked me some questions and then disappeared again.
I forgot him again. (Fear of THE LORD thingy!)
Until a year later.
I looked him up.
He was looking for me.
We talked on the phone.
I invited him to church.
He came.

WE said I DO!

(For those of you new blog followers there is a very lengthy story of us under the tag monosco if you have an hour or two, JK, but really you will need at least a half and hour)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

1 week away

Today marks the official "go day" for me.
Are you wondering what I am ready to get up and go do?

Well a few years back I declared February the LOVE month. Does anyone remember this? That first year I sent out a love note every single day to tell the people in my life that I love them. It was a lot of fun to hand write each person a love letter. It was also a big challenge for me because those of you who know me well, know that going to the post office is a big deal for me. I am the chronic late Christmas, Birthday, really anything giver! Seriously, I don't know why the people in my life just don't fire me when it comes to all that, but I guess, well ya'll must really love me. And I am grateful.

Last year I did a more private love month where I challenged myself to love on myself. Sometimes that can be the harder person to show love to, yourself. It is for me at least. Am I alone in this? I had days of guilty pleasures, that normally I would feel extremely guilty for, but last year I made myself be guilt free. Don't ask me how I made the guilt go away, cause I'm not really sure it did go away. So if you ask me about it I might realize that, that was an epic fail in the love department.

Moving on...

So This year I started again privately in my heart to change some things, but today...

Well, I am ready for 7 days of telling, showing, writing, singing, and quoting all things LOVE.

Maybe it will contain me getting up early and making my family a super great breakfast on a school day.
Maybe it will mean, I call a friend I haven't talked to in a while and tell them that they have made my life better.
I might give a stranger standing on the road of life a really big smile and 20 bucks.

Or maybe it will mean I will love myself, (and buy a gym membership...prolly not) so I can love others.

Either way, in my heart for the next week, I am looking for extraordinary ways to express my love.

Today, I woke up NOT feeling all lovey-dovey. To be quite honest I woke feeling really crappy. Sometimes the best thing to do when you feel crappy is to think about others. Sometimes the best thing to do when you wake up feeling like shit is just to go crawl back in bed, but that doesn't jive with this post so stick with me here. Anyways, I decided to go mail off some love packages, and I felt like a little cupid elf. Is there such a thing as a cupid elf? Dunno, but if there is, I was one today.

I hope if you are reading this that you know you are loved, valued, appreciated, treasured, special, and not just to me.

You are loved by the Creator of LOVE.

The Lover of your soul.


Monday, February 06, 2012

Dear Barley Bambino Boo..Boo

Dear Barley,

When you were adopted we couldn't decide on a name so the whole family voted. We all chose our favorite B names and then we had a diplomatic process of picking the name that would forever be yours.

We even let Chloe's friend Amy in on the fun. My name that I wanted for you was Bambino like the baseball player "The Great Bambino". No one really shared my enthusiasm on that one, except Isaiah, and so it wasn't chosen. Although, I still think you would make a great Bambino so I kept it as your middle name.

There were names like Beamer, Bentley, Booger(Guess who chose that one?) And then of course there was your name Barley.

Did you know it was actually not even someone from our family that chose your name? Yep, it was Chloes' friend Amy who had written down Barley and that is the name that got the most votes.

Your dad of course liked it for Barley is something that produces a drink that he loves.
And the kids liked it because it sounded like Marley who was another yellow lab, in a movie that we will not speak of, because it... well it just doesn't need to be mentioned.

You are the greatest dog on planet earth. Please don't tell Bella but you're my favorite! I know I am not supposed to say such things, but it's really true. Although, on any given day she might be my favorite, so don't go getting a big head.

Also you should know that there was only one other dog in my life that I have loved as much as you, and his name was Buddy. I guess B names are, well they seem to be good Dog names for me and mine.

I only have one bone to pick with you, and I know I shouldn't mention the word bone without giving you one, but here we go. You bark when people, any person walks through the front door. Even when it's your people you bark. Why is this? Could you please help me to understand why you do this?

Ok, yes we can go play with that nasty soccer ball you love so much, but don't forget to answer my questions.

Your Master

Friday, February 03, 2012

Winner Announced

The name I chose to use for my pretty Green Knife is:

Drum Roll Please...


It's Italian.
It's fun to say.
It fits my pretty boy, SLICEARONI.
WE are going to have many SLICES together.

So the winner of my Knife Naming Contest is one N.Rose, the gift cards in the mail :)

Thanks for playing everyone.

There is A Bridge

There is A Bridge we have to cross under

And No it isn't the Troll Bridge.

And There isn't a troll. I mean He's not a troll, except when he farts.
Which, I'm not sure if he does, because we have yet to hear him fart.
He must be a private farter.

My Giants cousin Derek is the Bridge we cross under everyday and night.

Derek Bridges.

He lives in our loft.
We have to cross under him every morning and night.
He doesn't ask for a toll.
Even if he did, we would gladly pay.
We are happy that he's here.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Name My Knife

There is a new star in our home.

He is unlike this old star that has been in our home for almost 17 years now.

We call this guy The Crackin... which of course is a tribute to Pirates, but also because he gets a crackin on my dinner yo! I'm a goof ball I know, but you love me.

Back to my new knife,

He gets along really well with other cast members that match in other colors.

I like him a lot. He needs a name. I like naming things. Remember when I asked for names for my GPS- aka, Gloria Paige Smith? Well, I like naming things. Inadament objects are my favorite things to name. Like my old faithful "The Crackin", above. My cars of course have names. Beastie Boy is the Ford's name. Victoria is our bus name. But naming a knife who ever heard of such a silly thing? Well, me. And now, you!

Help me name him. If I end up using your name, you will win a $20 Target gift card so can go get a pretty Green knife at Target.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Tasha's Challenge

For the month of January I wore a hat everyday. Why, you ask? For Tasha's Fashion challenge of course. If you haven't heard of these before well then check out some of the others that I have done by following the label "tasha challenge" on the bottom of this blog, or to your right.

You have here the proof of 31 days of hats. The two slide shows exhibit my month of 30 hats. And the final photo on the bottom is my all time favorite hat. Not for how it looks, but for what it says, and for who gave it to me(Thanks Bean).

The above pic is of a really old hat that my Aunt Joan gave me and I Love it. I wanted to incorporate it with a really snazzy dress, but I have so many hats that I am embarrassed to say, some didn't even make it in this month. That beautiful antique was one that didn't make it in.

What can I say, some like shoes, others purses, for me it's all about the hat.

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Like I said before, not much of a challenge for me this time, because I love hats!
Still, to consciously wear one everyday for 31 days was I guess, somewhat of a challenge.
And one of the "3 cups of Awesome", pointed out that I might have actually lost some hair from it, so I should get extra points for that(BIG SMILE)

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It was really fun, and it forced me to get out of the rut of just wearing my favorite "go to" hats. It made me realize that I wear a lot of hats! You can take that literally and figuratively.

Thanks Tasha for making my life richer, fuller, and infinitely cooler :)

Hope you all enjoy this and remember no matter how many hats one might have to wear in life, there is only one YOU! Don't forget to show up as the original, one and only, star of your show :)

* Stay tuned for the other entries to this challenge.
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