Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The economy and my thoughts

I find our present financial economy so interesting right now. Listening to the powers that be about this market and where it is at, how it got there, and how to get out of it is so interesting. It isn't as though we all just ended up here blindly and without warning. I find it interesting that the brokers and real estate agents who were making so much money off the economy a few years back are now blaming the president for all of this. So interesting to me is that not one person has stood up and taken responsibility for their own actions in all of this. It really does remind me of a kindergarten class room where when asked who made the mess everybody starts pointing the finger. Are there no grown adults in Washington and abroad who will say, WE took advantage of a people who were already broken and down hearted and now we are paying the price for it? I wouldn't be at all surprised if there isn't more anarchy where houses and credit cards are concerned. Why shouldn't the people who were given mortgages that have now dropped over 100,000 dollars in the last year just walk out on them and never own another home again. I wouldn't trust anyone again either if this were my situation. Why shouldn't those whose lives have been turned upside down by all of this mess not finally say, You know maybe I don't need the government to come up with a bailout plan for my life, why don't I just take matters into my own hands. 
I think there is only more to come where all this is concerned. The powers that be in this country have finally broke us as far their philosophy of bigger better is concerned, and now is anyone thinking about what they want to buy their kids for Christmas? Let's see , I can't wait to go into dept to feed this materialistic monster once again. I highly doubt it!!
I for one am excited that it's broken, our economy was never one that I fully bought into to anyways. I am not saying that I didn't buy into to it from time to time but if I really bought into it well, then I suppose it would be evident by the car I drive and the house I live in.
How about this for a try, contentment.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My S.O.S.

I am completely swamped with school, work, and not to mention the life I had before all this business of getting a job and going back to school began. How do people do this seriously? Oh yeah that's right they don't have a social life. Well, sorry life is just too short and there are some things I am not willing got give up and my social life is one of them. What is life for if not for the social aspect of it ? But, this is what happens when you don't give that up,Every time I sit down I go into what I like to call a coma-like slumber, drool and all. My refigerator has never looked so barren cause I just don't have time to make a big grocery store trip, my back yard looks like a bomb went off because no one is even aware in this family that we have a back yard, let's not even get into the laundry situation going on around here. So this would be what's known as an SOS , HELP!! I feel as though I am drowning and there is no life vest in sight. 

Hey what does SOS stand for??

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I love the feeling of fresh clean sheets
I hate the feeling of the mattress if the sheet happens to come off it's appropriate corner.
I love the feeling of bringing in some money now.
I hate the feeling of having to go to work when I would rather stay home and play.
I love the feeling of fall in the air.
I hate the feeling of knowing this means soon I will have so many leaves to pick up and not enough time to pick them all up before my neighbor starts placing them back in my yard :(
I love the feeling of driving in my VW bug.
I hate the feeling of smelling gas in said bug because there is a gas leak :o
I love the feeling of making a great cup of coffee.
I hate the feeling of knowing that we ran out of creamer and now my next cup won't be as good.
I love the feeling of looking around and seeing all my husbands artwork on the walls.
I hate the feeling of knowing that I want to nag him to finish some more, like he is an art factory.
I love the feeling of a Saturday morning, with cartoons in the backround, cereal being eaten and relaxing taking place.
I hate the feeling of only getting one a week.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Super Powers and Isaiah

Isaiah is convinced that he has super powers.
Seriously the boy thinks he can fly.
He thinks that he can talk to strangers and not get hurt, of this he told me today while reading Little Red Riding hood and we all know the point of that story is to warn kids not to talk to strangers. Well, this little boy doesn't seem to think that the big, bad wolf would harm him because he has super powers.
He doesn't need to sleep , eat, or do anything that would be known as good for him because "He has super powers"
It's like this;
ME- Isaiah eat  your lunch
Z- I don't need to eat lunch mom I have super powers
ME- Isaiah don't jump off of that
Z- I can mom because I have super powers

Last week he was on top of the tree house and I said, "Isaiah don't jump off of there again or you will get a timeout"  To which he said, "Mom you are just saying that because you just don't want me to waste any of my super powers, right?"
Well, I laughed. 
Wouldn't you? (Note to upcoming parents never let 'em see you laugh or it's all over.)
Ever since then though I have noticed he has not only been given an inch with that laugh it's gone well over a mile now.
Well, I need to figure out a creative way to let this kid know that his powers are going to be gone soon when I kick his little super power butt for not listening to his MOTHER!!


On deck we have-
1. Isaiah smirks at Tampa Bay and has guns loaded.
2. Next shot, this  batter is up.
3. And finally Pirates in the Bo Sox's Nation, we say Arrgh Matey!!

So my hat idea didn't work but I do believe it is the reason for 14 FREAKIN INNINGS!! 

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just to be on the safe side

I may be a bit on the superstitious side here, and in jeopardy of making you all think that I am a complete and total heathen but here goes; 
Last night while at my Health and Nutrition class I wore my lucky Bo Sox's hat just to represent and mostly cause I was wishing I could have been there as previously posted instead of at TMCC. They won the game. 
Tonight I had labs for the above mentioned class and again was not able to watch the game but in my hurry to get out the door and also because I was having a good hair day I did not wear my hat. They lost the game.
Tomorrow night just to be on the safe side I will be wearing my hat. 

Hey, don't judge me. The disciples cast lots.

Monday, September 08, 2008


Oh to be in Fenway tonight around 7p.  

 A girl can dream right? 

I believe I deserve this post because I really haven't said much all season but don't be surprised if my boys beat those dried up and tan boys from Florida. 

Sunday, September 07, 2008


I love the feeling of taking off fake fingernails and feeling my fingertips again.
I hate the feeling of being too full and eating until it hurts.
I love the feeling of my body after Yoga and not necessarily during it.
I hate the feeling of sticking my hand down the sink to unstick the garbage disposal.
I love the feeling of my dogs soft ears and their dusty, not stinky smell.
I hate the feeling of being anxious over homework unfinished.
I love the feeling of getting in my comfy jammies at the end of the day.
I hate the feeling of waking up only to feel like you just fell asleep.
I love the feeling of my children's arms wrapped around my waist.
I hate the feeling of my waist that has been expanding.
I love the feeling of being older in that I am no longer striving for as much.
I hate the feeling of being older especially the way my knee feels from being bent for too long.

I have more loves and hates but that is all I can think of for now.

Friday, September 05, 2008

A Dream Job

I got a job that pays in cash!! You know because I have a job that pays in hugs and kisses right now , but a  second job that pays cash is what I've  got now. I am now the proud employee of It's A Grind coffee shop on McCarran and Prater.  I have not worked outside of the house since we moved to Reno except for a little stint with Little Lites Preschool when it was getting up and running, but other than that I have been in a bubble otherwise known as my home. I would like to say that I was extremely blessed to be home all those years, but I am so ready to get back out in the real world.
So if you are in Sparks, looking for a coffee stop other than Starbuck's check It's A Grind coffee shop out. I might just be there serving up your cup a joe with a smile.
This job has always been on my list of dream jobs.  I have a list of  dream  jobs that I would like to work in my lifetime. Does anyone else have this type of list? It's kinda like the list of books you plan to read in  your life. On my list of dream jobs I also would like to work before I die is; An airline stewardess, a waitress, a makeup artist, a back up singer for Celine Dion, A kindergarten teacher, an "published" author, a restaurant owner, and a grandma someday way in the future.
I would be interested to hear what your dream jobs are. I know I have quite a few but hey, I am young and that is a lot of years to fill.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Burning Man is Over, know how I can tell???

The burners down the street have made the migration home and are dirtying up my street once again. Can't wait to hear from my friends how this years events went down. At least they didn't have an early bird ruin their show this time like last year so that's good. You would not believe how many dirty RV's and cars, vans, and other modes of transportation were parked up and down our street this morning. When I brought the kids to school they said, "Looks like the burning man people have come back".  Ya think!!
This is what I found myself wondering , How do they clean everything? Seriously, the thought of how dirty everything comes back is reason enough for me not to ever want to go. I wonder how long it takes the burners to clean up all that stuff. 
So the Burning man youth hostile looks quite full right now and I do believe they must be having some kind of clean up after party going on over there because it is quite busy.

Palin's Pregnant daughter

I just the find the media so interesting. When talking about Palin's daughter who is young and pregnant they refer to this as though she has some kind of disease, "It is an unfortunate situation that any of us could find ourselves in" "She is handling this situation so graciously for how big of a disappointment it must be".  Just think when that baby is older someday and going over video footage of when Grandma (almost) became Vice President they will wonder, "I thought they said they wanted me?"  Seriously, people put your money where your mouth is and stop talking about this baby like it's a plague or something. 
I feel really bad for Palin's 5 children all of which are now the topic for debate. What a crazy world we live in.
Can I just say though that her names for her children, SO COOL!! hee hee hee.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


On my list of things to do in this life-

Become a Blonde- Check!!

I will let you all know if I start having more fun or can no longer understand simple instructions :)
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