Friday, April 27, 2007

Season change, People change(come on sing along)

Today while driving back from dropping my girls off at school I was just completely in awe of how faithfully around this time of year the green begins to appear. The leaves on the trees start bursting forth like a brand new thing is beginning. The sprinklers that were out on the lawns and the people chatting with their neighbors made me truly grateful once again for the seasons. It is amazing how this season, Spring, brings about a sense of new life. People begin to clean house like they haven't cleaned in many months and you see next to the garbage cans the things that they no longer want or need. Yard sale signs begin to appear because of this.Everything begins to take on a shine. Where life was dull and drab from the winter it begins to look bright and happy again. I am so glad that despite my temperament, that in many ways likes things to stay the same, God continues to make the seasons change. He is beyond good to faithfully make the seasons change and today on this beautiful Friday morning I am just completely aware of why I love Him so much.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Walking into a Dark room

The other night I forgot something after youth group was over and it was in the big , dark, room up at our church. I knew walking into this room that is was dark and that it was also filled with many a chair, but that didn't stop me from barging on in looking for what I had left behind. About way halfway into the mangled mess of chairs I realized that I should probably go back and turn the lights on or I might be there for another few hours searching and wounding myself.
What struck me about this quick little scene played out in my life is that I didn't just turn the lights on in the first place. I don't know about everybody else but I so often know what I should do but often don't choose accordingly. I know I shouldn't eat after a 6p for good health but I do it anyway, I know I should excercise also for good health reasons but I don't, I know shouldn't stay up so stinking late when I have to get up early with kiddos but I do anyways, and so on and so forth, etc. etc. ......
Why don't I do what I know I should before I stumble and get hurt? Am I alone in this plight of stupidity or are there others of you out there who do the same thing and if so please share so that I don't feel alone. Oh yeah, and I am not calling you stupid if you do share this trait that would only be me :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

African American or can it just be American??

The current Essay I am working on is challenging the writings of W.E. DuBois essay on Our Spiritual Survival. This was the man who had a big part in forming the NAACP and this essay is a very beautiful piece of literature with much of it that I agree with. My challenge comes in with wondering can you be truly African and American at the same time. I don't know many Italians or Irish that go around saying I am Italian American or Irish American. The only race of people who I think this kind of thinking makes sense with are the Native Americans because they were truly the Native Americans. I am all for representing and teaching others of our original heritage and therefore keeping it alive, but I like so many others who have greatgrandparents who immagrated from another country don't go around saying that I am Italian American.
SO my question to the bloggers out there( brave enough to jump in this ring) is do you think you can be African American or shouldn't you just be American and know that with that title comes the knowledge that we are all from different original soils, cultures, and histories??

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Emma Faith's blog

Just thought I would drop a note here and say that Emma and I created a new place for her to blog since we forgot all the info from her last blogspot. She wanted to make a new one anyways so off to the side is her link or you can find her at

For anyone who is wondering what a almost 9 year old girl might be thinking :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Random Blog thoughts

Today was a great day. My moms group was awesome and it is simply because the people who come are awesome momma's who I am deeply grateful that I get to know better each week. Then I got to spend the afternoon with a wonderful friend and she brought her furry friend for a playdate with my new furry friend and it was really cute.Then tonight we had breakfast for dinner, yum(one of my all time favs) At my english class we read over the essay "A Modest Proposal" written like a million years ago and basically by a crazy guy who wanted to eat babies(not really but kinda) Then I went to the store to pick up a six pack of beer and got carded. That was fabulous because I know there will come a day when that doesn't happen anymore. Finally, I am here with some time to blog and that makes me happy. Not much to say that is really important just wanted to chime in with something new.

Oh yeah and one more final random thought, there is a player on the Bo Sox team this year named Coco Crisp :)

Monday, April 02, 2007

Fenway Park


Boy oh boy would I love to go see a game there this season. Seems like everybody in my family has got to go BUT me, no fair!! Maybe someday that dream will come true. In the meantime I think I am going to order a new hat just for fun and just to get my dad going :)
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